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When I was little we moved into a new apartment that was nice and for a few months it was quiet until one day.

I was cleaning out the bathroom when I felt that something was watching me. So I turned around and I saw a lady dressed in an old style type dress. For a moment she just looked at me and as quick as she came, she was gone. Then the same thing happened to me again, but the third and last time I saw her it was different.
She just looked at me and walked away.

Later that day the oddest thing yet had happened. Our friend and upstairs neighbor came down and was scared to death almost. He was saying how the whole basement was rattling and there was an old cot that had not been there before, was there with bones in it. This was odd because about the time this had happened we were discussing this weird evil looking imprint on our living room wall. He came up screaming saying "this house is evil, its going to kill us all!" over and over again. So quite scared, my dad and I went down there to find the bones scattered all over the place. Scared, we ran up the stairs away from the basement.

Later on that week I was in the house alone with a cup in my hand. Then suddenly something bumped my hand spilling the drink. I looked around but there was nothing there, the cats were all outside and I was home alone. Then suddenly I saw a flash of light that nearly blinded me. Scared, I ran out the door to my friends house.

Later that week we were fed up and moved but I will never forget what haunting things had happened to me in that house.

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